Rust Reactive Finish
Interested in adding pizazz to your projects?  Here’s an option, the Reactive Rust Finish.  Brush Masters has applied this finish to several projects and found them to be a fantastic and timeless element that gives your project a distinct look and feel.  The color options that you can pull out of this finish is infinite.  The following are ways in which the finish can be applied:


  • exterior (with sealant)
  • doors
  • cabinets
  • walls
  • mirror frames
  • bar area
  • above wainscoting in bathroom
  • fixtures
  • cement urns


  • metal, steel, wood, drywall, brass, plastic


  • clear coat – This stops the rust reaction and preserves its current look.
  • natural – Leaving the finish without a sealer allows the rust reaction to continually occur over time