Colors follow seasons and with Spring right around the corner look for more vibrant colors in the Spring and Summer months.  Blues, greens, copper, light coral and pink hues are great accents to use in your home.  Of course, sticking with the basic neutral tones on walls is still very timeless and versatile because they offer a great palette to decorate around.  Try neutrals such as tawny tans and warm whites.  Rising in popularity are worn, subdued, or dusty colors.  This trend reflects a desire for the craftsmanship of old and naturally weathered items.  Examples of these colors are shades of gray and taupe.


Looking for that unique dark finish on a budget.  Nowadays you can create that dark look out of typical paint grade woods, like poplar, to achieve a luscious finish similar to that found in more expensive cherry or alder woods at a fraction of the cost.