Coming up on August 11th, 2010, Brush Masters will be bringing the Mechanical Bull back to the Builders Club Island Expo at Harriet Island.

In preparation for this event we thought we would share with you some practice tips ahead of time.  So here goes:

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  1. Hold on with your dominant hand. You can either grip the handhold with you palm facing up, or with an over grip with the palm facing down (Brazilian style).; make sure you have a good grip. Sometimes you are provided with a glove for your gripping hand.
  2. Focus on squeezing with your thighs. Too many people think the control is on the one hand you’re holding on with. You should be using your leg muscles to “root” you to the bull.
  3. Relax your upper body. The ride operator is going to try and use your upper body weight against you when the bull bows down in front and the rear tips up. Most people get rolled off the front during this maneuver. Your best strategy is to point your heels together and try to lean back when the bull dives forward to counter the momentum and then rhythmically shift your weight the opposite way when the bull tips up in the front. Most importantly, keep your upper body loose and relaxed–if you keep it stiff, the momentum will swing you off the bull.[2]
  4. Use your free hand for balance. Think about how a tightrope walker uses their hands to maintain balance; you should be doing the same with your free hand. Although it might look like people wave it around just to look cool, it really can help you stay on the bull.[2] Holding a hat in that hand might help, too!


Pro Cowboy Will Roberts shows you How to Ride this bull like a pro!

Less serious and more entertaining clip.


  • If you’re a woman, you might have an easier time staying on the bull–and not necessarily because you’re more skillful. It’s no secret that many a cowboy enjoys watching a woman ride the bull, so the operator might go a little easier on you just to extend the show.[2]
  • If you are man, wear a cup.


  • Riding a mechanical bull is considered an extreme sport. This should only be attempted by fit people who do not have pre-existing medical conditions that could result in injury. It may sound obvious, but people with osteoporosis, heart conditions, high blood pressure, who might be pregnant, or who have epilepsy may want to avoid such activities. Most establishments will ask you to sign a liability waiver exempting them from any injuries you sustain.
  • Don’t wear a skirt on a mechanical bull; try shorts or pants. If you’re a well-endowed woman, you might want to wear an extra supportive bra.

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