Never underestimate the power of sheens when designing your space.  Sheen, right along with color, plays an important role in the visual and functional considerations of your next painting project.

High Gloss

  • easiest to clean
  • toughest and most stain resistant finish
  • USE: Making an object pop out (i.e. entry door trim), bathrooms, high traffic areas, and kids rooms
  • Warning: High gloss sheen draws attention to the given surface including the littlest flaws.  Avoid high gloss if you’re trying to downplay or hide an object.

Satin, Low-Lustre, and Eggshell

  • easier to clean than flat paint
  • Can be Warmer
  • USE: When you need something between a flat and high gloss.


  • least easy to clean
  • conceal surface blemishes better than higher sheen paints
  • USE: Ceilings or other surfaces you want to downplay

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More examples with pictures are here.