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Property managers, you can expect that Brush Masters will professionally manage your job to support your company’s brand and reputation. We will work hard to establish communications and a working relationship with the building owner, management, tenants and any other parties affected by your projects. We will recommend solutions to meet your budget and project specifications and document the condition of the building to establish the scope of the project.

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Did you know that Brush Masters delivers more than just Drywall, Paint and Prefinishing services?

Since 1986 Brush Masters has aimed to partner with clients to support your total business.


Our versatility and depth in staffing helps you meet each of your projects exact needs.


We have the ability to eliminate finger pointing between your drywall and painting contractor by offering you both of these services in-house.


Brush Masters prefinishing services provide you with high quality finishes that offer you time saving options and job scheduling flexibility.


Our color consulting services give you and your clients' peace of mind; knowing that we can guide your color and finish choices in the right direction.

From start to finish, construction industry professionals of every size can count on Brush Masters as their "one stop shop." We'll win the appreciation of your clients and help you grow your business.

Brush Masters offers drywall, interior painting (including woodwork stain and enamel), exterior painting (including staining and deck finishing), wallpaper services, specialty finishes, epoxy floor coatings, color consulting services (matching and color selection guidance), prefinishing services (offering pick-up and delivery) and service work (woodwork touch ups, paint touch ups, drywall repairs, year end punch lists).

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